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The KeyBiner is a more refined version of the Carabiner many have used to carry their essentials every day.  The biggest change was the addition of a unique key retention system, that allows you to keep your keys neatly organized and quiet.  We have also added several tools to aid you in your daily chores. The KeyBiner has no sharp edges to cut you or damage your clothing.

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Bottle Opener

1/8"- 3/16" - 1/4" - 5/16" - 3/8" 10mm  Wrenches

Screw Bit Driver

Flat Blade Screw Driver/Prybar/File

Screws and hardware will be provided so you can custom fit the key retention to hold as many keys as you need (Up to 14 keys depending on shape, size and orientation)

3/8" Screws fit 1-6 keys

1/2" Screws fit 1-10 Keys

3/4" Screws fit 1-14 Keys

USB Thumb Drive Option:

Add a 32GB slimline Thumb Drive to your KeyBiner

KeyBiner Color options:


Also Checkout out Brad @ Tactical Keychains TUKK.  Makes a GREAT addition to the KeyBiner!

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KeyBiner Carabiner

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